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If you have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher in your home country, especially if you are from a native English-speaking country, then you are either already qualified for or just a quick certification away from being qualified for any one of thousands of job opportunities in China. Through our network of hundreds of institutions in virtually every market, throughout the vast expanse that is China, you will be given access to lucrative and personally-rewarding jobs as an English teacher, or if you have technical background (e.g. mathematics, engineering, etc.), we can open the doors for highly-compensated education jobs in these subject areas. While specializing in the education industry, Opportunity in China also offers hundreds of positions annually in management, advertising, marketing, and hospitality/tourism as well.

Perhaps, you have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree or would like to earn a master’s degree. Through our partnerships with top universities in key markets within China, we offer access to generous scholarships for students from the Western-world who aim to increase their level of education. You will not only be given this opportunity to earn a degree in China, but you will also be studying in the most dynamic and prosperous markets in China, bolstering your social network, cultural, and linguistic skills. This experience will provide you with the background and credentials that will pave your way to future success.

Why china

Whether the aim is adventure, travel, human connection, or personal growth, being present in China is a unique opportunity to exist in the same environment as that of one-fifth of humanity. And as China is the most populated country in the world, a country with a dynamic economy, the human and capital resources combine to create near-endless career and interpersonal opportunities. Any awareness gained from a period of expatriation to China would not only enhance understanding, allowing one to grow as an individual, it would also render advantages in career development.


Opportunity in China produces a number of informational resources.  These resources offer the audience clear and relevant content on a variety of topics related to finding work, moving to, living in, and deriving the most value from experience in China, in conducting commerce with the Chinese market, and with the Chinese people generally:

Community Jobs Board – Our Facebook jobs group contains dozens of new posts daily. Feel free to join.

Certification: As Chinese visa requirements mandate that all ESL teachers earn a 120-hour TEFL certification or higher, we have partnered with the North American TEFL Academy to offer a quality, reputable, and affordable TEFL certificate program. (Use our coupon code to get 30% off your course)

the Opportunity in China Podcast – Our podcast is available on: StitcheriTunesSoundcloudLibsyn and the show notes can be found here. The Opportunity in China Podcast is currently seeking qualified guests. Please contacts us.

the Opportunity in China Blog: Our blog combines a variety of content, from news, opinion, analysis, and special programs and opportunities that Opportunity in China can offer. Follow the tab, “Information”, or click here.

the Opportunity in China Video Channel: Hosted on YouTube, our video channel is purely a source for informational guides. The Opportunity in China Podcast can also be found there on our YouTube channel.