Our Mission

Our foreign talent placement service not only recruits professionals to educational, technical, and other professional roles throughout China, but we also guide you through the process of understanding in greater depth your potential in interaction within the Chinese market and society.  We can match you with a career-starting job, tailored to your preferences and aspirations, in virtually any major Chinese city, all while supporting your journey as it progresses with our professional network, free media products, and other services. Frequently, we also offer exclusive scholarship and other study opportunities in China. Whether your goal is to begin a career in China or to sign-up for a one-year travel and cultural experience, our team will open doors and equip you for whatever journey you decide.

Our Team

Our team operates in multiple markets for logistical convenience. We have offices in Chicago and Nanjing. All staff are professionally fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and have extensive background knowledge and experience with the foreign talent employment norms and policies of China.


Nearly forty cities are represented in our network, that are home to over one-hundred educational institutions, offering our teachers opportunity and options.

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