Full-Tuition Scholarships for University in Nanjing, China

If you are planning on earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, there is an opportunity for you to receive a full-tuition scholarship to study in one of China’s largest and most influential cities.

Through our exclusive right to distribute scholarships offered by the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, citizens of select countries* can apply for a full-tuition scholarship toward a number of programs.

All programs listed below are instructed in English.

NUIST is a top university in the area of computer science and related fields.

For inquiries, please email or call:


1 800-920-3886


Scholarship and class details:

  • Classes Begin Fall 2019
  • All majors except undergraduate Computer Science and International Trade and Economics will be carried out at the Nanjing Campus
  • Undergraduate courses for the majors of Computer Science and International Trade and Economics will be carried out a the Wuxi Campus
  • Tuition covered
  • Dormitory fees not included (approximately ¥3000 : $450 annually)
  • Books, living costs, and registration fees not included

Prepare the following documentation:

  • Electronic copy of your passport ID and cover page
  • Application form fully completed with a 1-inch, white background photo
  • Electronic copy of diploma from previous academic experience
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose / personal statement

Restrictions and deadlines:

  • 34 years of age or younger upon enrollment
  • All majors, for both undergraduate and graduate, open to citizens of the following countries/Regions:
    • All European nations
    • All North and South American nations
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
  • The undergraduate majors of Computer Science and International Trade and Economics offered at the Wuxi Campus are open to citizens of all nations
  • applications must be submitted by June 12, 2019
  • processing and reservation fees must be submitted by June 26, 2019

Process Details:

  • Prepare all documents and submit via email to: contact@opportunityinchina.com
    • Completed application
    • Scanned digital copy of passport ID page
    • Scanned digital copy of diploma from highest level of academic achievement (i.e. high school or college diploma)
    • Scanned digital copy of academic transcript (high school transcripts required for undergraduate study, college transcripts required for graduate study)
    • Resume, if there has been more than a year since previous academic study
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • A research study proposal or personal statement
  • Submit $29 application fee (invoice will be sent upon receipt of all documents listed above)
  • You will receive digital offer letter from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
  • Have a Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed at a local health clinic
  • Submit Foreigner Physical Examination Form via email to: contact@opportunityinchina.com
  • An invoice for processing and reservation will be sent via email to student candidates inbox
  • Submit scholarship guarantee, processing and registration fees per the invoice mentioned above
    • Fees for scholarship guarantee, processing and registration for graduate applicants : $2170
    • Fees for scholarship guarantee, processing and registration for graduate applicants : $1790
  • All documents necessary to apply for Chinese Student Visa (X-visa) will be submitted to student via email
  • Take all supporting documentation listed above to local Chinese embassy or consulate along with a completed visa application form


For inquiries, please email or call:


1 800-920-3886

34 thoughts on “Full-Tuition Scholarships for University in Nanjing, China”

    1. Basically, when applying to begin a graduate program one would have to submit a research proposal. At that point, once accepted a professor would likely be assigned to assist you if there is overlap in your areas. These details are not our expertise, but we know that much. What is your specific area? If you tell us, we can reach out to the CS department.

  1. Hello Dear Respected Sir & Madam!
    I hope you are fine and doing well, Im from Afghanistan and living in Afghanistan want to study in the field of Computer Sciences and Technology I born in the year of 1988 and graduated from 12th class high school in 2004 can I apply for the mentioned Scholarship? If yes what should I do? And what I need to submit to you.

    Best Regards

    1. Technically, we are distributing the scholarships to a limited population, as mentioned at the bottom of the article. However, we are looking into the matter at present. We will update you if we learn something germane to your request.

  2. I am interested in the MBA graduate programme. Can I please have more information on this scholarship and the application process?

  3. If I were to apply and get a transfer from 1 Chinese university to this one, would I get exemption on courses already studied? What is the rule on the Chinese language program at the named university and would I have to do the entire process listed in the article when am already in China? Please advise.

  4. I currently have a BFA from an art University in Canada, I am interested in pursuing a Masters. Would this opportunity be viable for me or are there any other opportunities more relevant for fine arts with a graduate degree in China that you offer?

    1. One price is for the undergraduate scholarship guarantee and application process, and then the other prices for graduate. If you believe that it’s high, then you should consider what is being offered. Guaranteed full tuition scholarship. You don’t need to apply and then wait to see if you get approved, if you’re qualified you automatically get approved because the university has granted Us full access to distribute the scholarships.

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